SmartSteps ®

SmartSteps® is Awara Group's standard approach for providing quality service through right and smart project management. We see each assignment - client or internal ones - as a project that requires professional approach for their implementation. Each project is evaluated and ranked to fit in the entire work-scope as we aim to understand how our work relates to our final goal, which is to provide top quality and value to our clients.

Project management is required in a modern working environment with systems that develop and evolve through various stages during their life cycles. Our SmartSteps concept results from the adaption of best practices for each project type, while abiding by basic requirements.

SmartSteps Basics:

1. The starting point and basis of each project is a need for thorough analysis.
2. The expected results are defined on the basis of requirements.
3. Once the limits and scopes are defined, we plan how to best achieve the goals set.
4. Work is performed according to plans.
5. Service delivery varies and depends on the type of service. Before delivery, we check the results by comparing them to the original and additional needs and definitions. The process is thus iterative in order to meet the requirements in ever changing environments.

SmartSteps in IT

1. Pre-study
2. Requirement analysis
3. System analysis
4. Planning
5. Implementation
6. Testing
7. Launch (putting in operation)
8. Maintenance

Awara IT Solutions manage various types of IT projects so that we constantly adapt SmartSteps, while maintaining SmartSteps Basics.

Steps by cases

Case "Establishing your business in Russia"

When our clients want to enter the Russian market or establish new operations in Russia, we first conduct a thorough business analysis followed by a requirement analysis. After summing up these analyses, we get the platform necessary for moving to the next step and determining the limits assigned by our clients' needs and local statutory conditions. Typically, corporate-wide business practices need to be aligned and "localized". Further on, we set up priorities and time schedules to optimally allocate our clients' and Awara's resources for a given project.

Very often, from this point on we work on spiral models by planning, producing and delivering services and components that improve along the project life cycle.

Case "Improving and streamlining existing systems"

Our services are here requested to analyze current IT system and consequently provide solutions for corrections or improvements. The pre-studies conducting as part of these projects give an understanding of current business processes, requirements and local statutory standards established for IT-systems. We provide functional and non-functional descriptions of a system at a particular stage (as jointly developed by our client and us).

We then proceed applying SmartSteps Basics to provide a solution.

Case "Applying Microsoft Dynamics based solutions"

As a Microsoft partner, Awara IT Solutions supports and implements the standard for development of Microsoft Dynamics® products also known as the Sure Step - methodology.

Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step provides a methodology combining project management and field-tested best practices. This methodology aims to increase productivity by providing a consistent approach and standard set of tools to ensure that clients' projects are completed efficiently.

The Sure Step - methodology consists of 5 main steps

1. Diagnostics
2. Analysis
3. Design
4. Development
5. Deployment


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