Awara Secure Payment

How to safely pay your bills?

Awara Secure Payment is a turnkey solution ensuring the safe payment of bills, which is achieved by excluding the unauthorized changes to agreed payment details.
Awara Secure Payment works as follows:
  • All documents for non-cash payment are first approved
  • Approvals are collected in an accounting system (Important note: accounting staff can neither edit nor make new payment orders)
  • A list of payment orders is uploaded onto a Bank-Client file (Important note: this uploading is done with an additional encrypted field for checksum and the cryptographic method is agreed with the bank)
  • The list of payment orders is uploaded onto Bank-Client system. The generated documents can be edited, but the system declines signature if there is no checksum or the checksum does not match

Setting up the system requires that the fields to be included in the checksum for payment order analysis be approved (i.e. accounting staff can edit some fields, for example, purpose of payment, but they cannot change the recipient and amount).

This secure approval and payment process is the basis for reliable financial operations as it ensures that it is impossible to change agreed details after confirmation of payment and until payment is made.

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