Awara Invoicing 3.0

Awara Invoicing 3.0 is an advanced Invoicing and Accounts Receivable System. The system is designed for automated preparation of invoices, approval mechanism and automated delivery of invoices to clients. Emphasis is further placed on follow-up of payments or partial payments and intelligent reporting of receivables. This efficient system supports planning, processing and distribution of receivables.

The solution is optimized for Russian Financial Administration practices with emphasis on the subsequent need for international reporting. Distributed use is another special characteristic stemming from the implementation of the latest internet technologies.

Awara Invoicing 3.0's built-in functions take into consideration the transactions required under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) and International Standards (such as IFRS or US GAAP). This system uniquely assists in managing accruals of receivables and corresponding adjustments.

managing invoicing

Awara solutions allow your company to improve its efficiency by submitting a family of products to efficient, cost-saving financial administration. 50 to 80 % of work time can be saved when drawing up IFRS reports with Awara IFRS Reporter ®. Indeed Awara Invoicing 3.0 not only offers clear and powerful management of billing and receivables, but it is also an essential element of your overall financial administration.

managing invoicing 2

Awara Task Management System includes invoicing module. This task management system is a solution that supports your work flow from receiving service request and managing assignments to recording works done in a Timesheet system, and finally managing invoicing and control of receivables.

Special features

  • Collection of information on billable work from Time-Sheet System
  • Collection of information on recurring billing based on fixed or other periodical assignments
  • Management of existing contracts and automation of invoicing accordingly
  • Tracking of third-party payments and subsequent reimbursements
  • Electronic or paper prints
  • Automated sending based on client options
  • Bank-client integrations
  • Automated reference code/ automated matching with payments received
  • Advanced control tools for invoices to be issued, issued invoices, outstanding payments
  • Advanced control and approval in the process of issuing invoices
  • Integrated with accounting systems
  • Built-in IFRS readiness
  • Integrated with ERP & CRM systems
  • Advanced reporting
  • Mobile
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-branch
  • Multi-language
  • Secure access (log in) and separation of duties (rights)

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