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Purchase to Pay - automation system

awara purchase manager

Awara Purchase Manager
The ultimate solution in Purchase Invoice
and Payables management

Organize your Purchase-to-Pay-processes into important cost savings!

Important savings will be gained by automating your purchase invoice processes, links to accounts payable and automated payments through bank-clients.

IFRS Ready

Awara IT Solution's Awara Purchase Manager system is unique on the Russian market as special features have been created to support local business processes and to support international financial reporting (IFRS).

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Awara Purchase Manager

Awara Invoice Manager, a top-of-the-line Purchase-to-Pay management system, is a solution that highly automates receiving and processing of purchase invoices. The system manages the entire process: from the stage of ordering supplies and services to the receipt and processing of invoices, and finally payment and accounting of transactions.

Your company can obtain considerable savings with Awara Purchase Manager through better visibility into liabilities, improve efficiency in invoice processing and work-flow, and eliminate multiple manual data entry and the subsequently produced errors. Ultimately, your company will benefit from better relations with suppliers provided by early-payment discounts, while enjoying timely payments. Timely collection of all supporting documents and approvals allows deducting expenses without delay and gives a direct saving in reduced profit.

Awara Purchase Manager is organized in four blocks for easy use and understanding of the system: Invoice Greeter manages the receipt of invoices; Invoice Guard stores invoices and provides for security during processing; Invoice Escort manages links to counter systems; and finally Invoice Messenger is a versatile and flexible tool that enables communication and reporting.

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Invoice Greeter

Awara Invoice Greeter welcomes purchase invoices and other payables into the full board service for payables. Invoice Greeter receives invoices, analyzes them, structures and transforms them into a unified format for further processing. All relevant information is captured automatically from invoices and other payables.

Invoice Greeter receives invoices of any formats:

  • Paper (from a letter to fax) to scan
  • PDF, XML
  • Emails
  • EDI-systems

Digitizing Paper Invoices

One option for converting invoices into digital records for automated processing is digitizing. Paper invoices may be digitized and subsequently linked to contracts, orders, payment requests, as well as to general ledger records (Russian Accounting Standard requirement). This feature generates you savings, as it substantially lightens the workload by making accurate information available to all parties involved in the Purchase-to-Pay process.

Invoice Greeter processes all kind of payables:

  • Paper invoices
  • Electronic invoices
  • Travel expense reimbursement

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Invoice Guard

Awara Invoice Guard stores invoices into the system to enable further efficient processing. Each invoice is assigned user rights, passwords and encryptions, and is ready to circulate through your corporate networks and across the internet. The centralized storage of invoices accessible from any part of the world is one of the key elements for smooth processing of all payables.

By avoiding time-consuming repetitive manual entries, Purchase-to-Pay processing considerably improves efficiency. Awara Invoice Guard ensures that payable invoices are available anywhere under any conditions, which in turn translates into simplicity and significant savings. For example, it is now very easy for a group financial controller to monitor the expenses.

Order Matching

Invoice Guard also matches incoming invoices to orders and contracts. While the relevant data of invoices is stored, a checking and matching process is simultaneously running, carrying out the usually time-consuming manual tasks: invoice categorizing, forwarding to the person or department in charge, subsequent matching of contract and/or purchase order, checking the availability of delivery notes, verifications and approvals.

As opposed to western standards, Russian financial administration does not usually record orders. For this reason, our Awara Purchase Manager features a special Order Management module that is supplied with the Invoice Guard to ensure that all benefits provided by Awara Purchase Manager can be used by any Russian financial department.

For example, at the end of the work-flow chain, Russian accounting requires the availability of supporting documents. Invoice Guard provides such documents, which are also required for analytical and international reporting purposes.


  • Incorporated module for order and contract matching
  • Matching to purchase orders
  • Matching to contracts
  • Contract conditions checking and alerts:
    1. Prices
    2. Discount triggers applied
    3. Priorities for subsequent payment
  • Automated stock-monitoring and order creation/ matching
  • Multi-phase matching & control:
    1. Receiving & Storage, Contracts & Orders, Payment & Accounting
  • Instant availability of analytical data for original documents

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Invoice Escort

Once invoices are stored, Invoice Escort ensures that invoices remain in your system in the most optimal manner. Invoice Escort enables a smooth connection to all commonly used accounting and ERP-systems. Payment orders are automatically created in Invoice Escort and transferred to your EPR /accounting system or directly to a bank-client application.

Invoice Escort has been devised to deal with invoices or other payables in the most efficient way. Invoice Escort guides invoices through multiple control and approval routines that can occur anywhere in the world, and ensures that no time or costs are incurred on moving invoices or other payables into payment.

Invoice Escort allows creating links and transfers between accounts payable and bank clients. This avoids double or triple entry as Invoice Escort manages links and transfers to sub-systems.

This system ensures that appropriate AP/GL account coding and allocations take place.


  • Links electronically stored invoice to
    1. ERP-systems
    2. Accounts payable
    3. Bank client system
  • Eliminates multiple data entry
  • Data availability
    1. Invoice/Order/Contract: data is immediately available when and where it is needed

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Invoice Messenger

Awara Purchase Manager uses a versatile and flexible reporting platform, Invoice Messenger. This system ensures accurate information flow at all stages of invoice processing. The Invoice Messenger provides a wide range of pre-built reports and features state-of-the-art reporting facilities.

Invoice Messenger also provides mobile connectivity through devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia or other smart mobile devices. Mobile connectivity offers great flexibility in organizing time and work, which translated into improved efficiency and cost savings.

Approvals can be submitted and information can be exchanged at any moment, anywhere, through mobile devices, email or web-applications


  • Reporting dashboard for easy and flexible use
  • Report-generator for managerial use
  • Informative built-in reports
    1. Partly paid invoices
    2. Overdue invoices
    3. Expenses
    4. Cost centers
    5. Posting codes
    6. Suppliers
    7. Banks
    8. Cash-flow
    9. By category of users
    10. Budget planning
  • Any time - Anywhere
  • Mobile connectivity to cell-phones enables many applications, such as
    1. Invoice verification and partial approvals
    2. Approval or declination of payments
    3. Interchange of information of outstanding payments, payments realized, actions needed
    4. Receiving reports and key-data

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Benefits of using Awara Purchase Manager

Using Awara Purchase Manager increases the likelihood of noticing early discount payments offered by suppliers due to shorter processing cycle times. Awara Purchase Manager integrates directly with your accounts payable, general ledger, bank-clients, and other financial administration systems.

Implementing Awara Purchase Manager into your financial systems will result in significant cost savings, improved efficiency in purchases and payables, tighter control, and more accurate planning and reporting, by enabling in particular IFRS or similar highly automated reporting.

Physical movement of purchase invoices for approval and control purposes will practically be eliminated. Awara Purchase Manager saves these movements in its history, thus saving costs and speeding up information delivery.

  • HQ controller able to follow-up branch-office costs in real time
  • Increased ability to notice early discount payments offered by suppliers due to shorter processing cycle times
  • Increased visibility results in better process control and auto-steering to improve efficiency resulting in cost savings
  • Russian accounting standards require payment statements, contracts and delivery notes in order to record transactions. Awara Purchase Manager is optimized for application to Russian practices and thus provides maximal efficiency by decreasing the workload. It also ensures the availability of the required documents and information in all phases of the process. All this results in considerable cuts in work time and great accuracy in processing accounting figures. Such benefits translate into important savings for your accounts payable and accounting department.

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Key features of Awara Purchase Manager

  • Storage of scanned images of "paper" bills
  • Multi-level approval status
  • Tracking payment and payment history
  • Document workflow management
  • Distributed work-flow with the benefits of remote access for efficient analysis control, planning and operations
  • Eliminate manual data entry/ double data entry
  • Eliminate manual distribution of documents
  • Availability of analytical features (measurements) in each payment application
  • Management dashboard with extensive reporting facilities
  • High level security and control features
  • Familiar Microsoft Outlook-like user interface
  • Integration with various accounting and ERP systems
  • High performance and scalability to suite different business volumes

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The New Awara Purchase Manager ©

What problems does it solve?

Purchase Invoice processing and consequent Accounts Payable tasks are common routines that generate substantial costs in all financial administration organizations. In Russian business practices these issues are underscored. Awara Purchase Manager for purchase-to-pay management offers significant savings in direct labor costs as well as increased efficiency and eliminated errors.

Our clients' feedback:

What problems Awara Purchase Manager has solved for them

  • Is an invoice correct? Does it mach with the order? Does the invoice match with the delivery-note? Earlier verifying these questions took time and efforts
  • Invoices were many times lost
  • It was difficult to deem the priority and maturity of outstanding invoices
  • Some invoices were paid twice
  • It was difficult to verify the authorization of expenses and get the needed approvals.
  • Often we had to do lengthy investigations to establish who had ordered the product or service and to which project they referred.
  • It was difficult to track paper invoices
  • Partial payments of invoice caused problems for next part-payment and related bookings
  • Previous system did not provide adequate reports
  • Payments were only recorded on cash-basis (when paid). Consequently the financial reports did not reflect our real accrued costs
  • Under those circumstances planning the cash-flow was a nightmare and financial reports were faulty
  • We were not in full control of the collection of needed supporting documents and experienced constant problems in connecting the whole set of documents with each other. Now our payments, delivery notes and invoices are automatically linked through the system. And we now know who has not given the supporting documents for his expenses
  • For Russian accounting we need to justify an expense with an act of completion of service and connect the act with the invoice. Without this system acts were always late and sometimes lost. This is a traditional problem for Russian accountants


  • Captures paper invoices to electronic format
  • Enables digital processing of invoice data
  • Allows conducting verifications and approvals quickly without transporting physical documents
  • Eliminates errors produced by manual work and multiple data keying
  • Electronic documents /data is instantly available wherever it is needed
  • Automatic creation of accounts payable records and payment orders
  • Informative and meaningful reports are produced automatically
  • Mobile connection allows using the system, like approval on payment, when you are traveling
  • You will receive approval requests through the internet or to your mobile phone

For project details and other enquiries, please contact Alexander Ermakov or call +7 812 244 7549.

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