Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Accounting
Localized by Awara IT Solutions for Russia

Local legislation affects the nature of Financial Administration and Business Processes. Differences in, for instance, accounting practices with internationally commonly used systems require thorough localization. Differences between local statutory requirements and typical Western concepts give rise to the necessity of operating with a localized version of your accounting system. The Russian localized version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV features the most changes and additions in the world compared to that of standard delivery. Awara IT Solutions has significantly developed Dynamics for the Russian market.

Awara IT Solutions specializes in implementing ERP systems, analyzing client business processes and developing optimal solutions to meet both clients' needs and local legislative requirements. These solutions are developed by professionals with the best expertise in business assessment.

We have paid much attention and greatly contributed to the integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with other systems - front office and back office, 1C, SAP, Oracle, payroll systems, POS systems and WMS.

Dynamics NAV for hotels in Russia

The above diagram provides an example of Awara IT Solution's work on complex Hotel Systems integration and subsequent international reporting. Collecting and processing information from various subsystems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is the heart of this system, which provides local and international financial reports.

Web Based Applications for Dynamics products

Awara IT Solutions designs secure and user-friendly Web interfaces for Navision database ( SQL-based solutions). These solutions allow cost savings on licenses, as well as easy access to the system for remote users.

They also allow integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft SQL Server to produce corporate reporting and assist in flexible decision-making, while providing timely and relevant business insight at low cost with high usability and flexibility.

Awara's Dynamics Add-ons

We do not only localize Microsoft Dynamics NAV to meet Russian requirements, but we have further developed the system to meet users' requirements. These enhancements are featured in "Awara Dynamics Add-ons"


  • Currency exchange rate differences
  • VAT maintenance
  • Database functionality
  • Revenue document templates
  • Sale ledger
  • Purchase ledger
  • Export to Excel
  • Automated change of advance payment status
  • Cash Book for period printouts
  • Bank-client system payment integration
  • Item class tree view
  • Budgeting
  • IFRS Reporter ©
  • Consolidation
  • Additional Analytical and Global Dimensions
  • Synchronization of dimensions

Awara IT Solutions is a unique Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution-provider due to our extensive experience in the field of business assessment on the Russian market. No other firm combines skills in Business Administration, Financial Administration, Audit and Legal Services to develop and provide IT solutions. This is what distinguishes our services from those of our competitors. Our IT solutions are implemented based not only on clients' requests, but also on our understanding of what exactly should be done and how. Implementing our solutions saves time and costs on development and support, as well as optimizes and automates your internal processes, which in turn may result in reduced staff costs, while simultaneously improving efficiency.

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