IT strategy

Organizing your business to streamline operations to match your strategy is a key-element for success. Having a Business Strategy and Implementing a Strategy are two different things in practice. Implementing a strategy is about synchronizing all operations throughout your organization and business units in such a way that the aims set for the chosen strategy will be achieved.

Awara Group provides valuable assessment of such implementation. Implementing sub-strategies for your Russian unit is our business. Our group has years of experience in successfully supporting enterprises in Russian legal and financial administration. Ensuring correct decisions, negotiating solid contracts and managing financial administration and HR in an error-free and efficient environment have offered the opportunities for our clients to focus on their core business, customers' needs and market position.

Our IT Solutions are organized to support your business strategy mainly in the following areas:

  • IT Strategy

  • Is the main sub-strategy supporting enterprise broader aims. Enterprises aim for competitive advantages and clear positions in their segments. How can these strategic goals be achieved in an economical and efficient manner?

  • IT Management

  • Implementing an IT Strategy requires optimal management of all IT activities. The following issues need to be addressed: which kind of in-house IT organization is required, what should be out-sourced, and how do such decisions affect the business's strategic plans.

  • IT Effectiveness

  • Having gained an understanding of the expectations and role of IT in business, it is important to ensure that the right things are done (effectiveness). Benchmarking operations and structuring a full map of business-processes provide the necessary tools to work on IT effectiveness. Best overall performance results from the services received from IT-professionals, who exactly know what they should do. And to achieve such result, it is necessary to make the right choices of technologies and implementation.

Awara Group is your partner of choice to develop your IT Strategy with optimal solutions for IT-Management, while optimizing IT Effectiveness of your enterprise wide solutions.

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